Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome back winter, I was missing you.

I got my hopes up. Snow was supposed to start at midnight. The first time Sam tried to sneak into my bed was midnight, no snow....when he returned at 2 a.m there was still no snow... at 5 a.m I was confident that the weather man was wrong...7 a.m, a little snow....9 a.m, 7" snow...1 p.m, about a foot. I hate when the weather man is right.


mindi said...

WOW - I kind of wish we'd get that much. I'd get a day off work . . . but I think the horse would NOT like it!!

Beth Young said...

I think it's really hot and muggy. You better close those shades and turn up Jimmy Buffet! Have a margarita and sit in your bathing a UV light and tan your pasty butt...then throw on a robe and yell to the kids that their snow time is over and it's naps for every one! Repeat every 3 hours.

That's how we do it.

Winter, shminter.

Sarah said...

Just waiting for the new suit to come! I think I'll be able to tan more than just my pasty butt!

BLMOM said...

Oh My. That is just beautiful! We don't get much snow in NC, but since I am orginally from Missouri, I miss it sometimes. Have fun building a snowman!

Bethany said...

Oh it is fun....I do miss it sometimes. That and mud sliding in the fall.

Sara Mincy said...

Wow- that is a lot of snow!! Just wish we could have some of that for one day- then I would be happy for the southern weather again. My kids don't even know what an icicle is.

Have fun!