Thursday, January 10, 2008

Watch out girls, he's got a way with words....

Over the last few months Sam has developed a really bad habit of climbing into bed with us. At first, he would go to Brad's side of the bed. Entrance was always denied. Then he started coming to my side. I'm a sucker, there's a part of me that really like cuddling with him. I'm also lazy. I hate getting out of bed. Do you know how many nights I get a lousy nights sleep because I really have to go to the bathroom but don't? It's gotten to the point that Sam doesn't even wake me up. He just climbs in and I don't notice until I have a numb arm or get elbowed in the head.

Last night he came in at midnight. I heard him and made some thing I knew it was 4:30. I slept horribly and felt so tired when I woke up.

Tonight as I was putting Sam to bed I told him that he really has to start sleeping in his own bed...

"But mommy, I get scared and you make me feel better. I like to snuggle you."

"I know buddy, I like to cuddle you too, but mommy doesn't sleep well with you next to me all night long. You have to stay in your own bed."

"But my bed's not comfortable."

"We'll get you a new bed tomorrow."

"No, I don't want a new bed. Mommy, I just love you so much."

"I love you too, but you have to stay in your own bed."

"But mommy, I just love how you smell. I love to smell you all night long..."

I'm pretty sure he won and will be making his way to my room in just a little while.


BLMOM said...

Oh yeah, he would win me over too! He is sooo cute!

Bethany said...

So sweet. I am a sucker too.

michelle said...