Monday, January 21, 2008

First words

Grace doesn't have a whole lot of words. She pretty much says Mama and Da appropriately, that's it. Over the past week or so she has added "Me me me...." to her repertoire. She screams it whenever she wants something, which is most of the time. In fact, she says it so much that if I were to give my kids pseudonyms Grace's would without a doubt be, "Mimi".

Tonight my girl added two new words, "Target" and "shoes". I am not making this up. (I have it on video and if I can figure our how to upload files from my camcorder, I will post it later.) While I was making dinner I was talking to Brad about our big outing for the day, a trip to Target. A little voice chimed in, clear as a bell, "Darget". I was stunned.

"That's right sweetie, we went to Target. What did we buy?"


"That's right, did we get shoes at Target?"

I was answered with a big smile accompanied by the crazy full body shake that she does to indicate yes...and then a little "Shoes, shoes, shoes.." as she reached for her foot.

Remember these boots? They are now on clearance for $3! We rebought them along with two other adorable pairs that were less than $2 each. Gotta love clearance!


Michelle said...

Shopping for shoes are her first words. Oh my! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute :-)

mindi said...

Wow, what a deal!!!
Target is awesome. I can't wait until Lex really starts talking, tonight he said sis (*issss*) but it's a start . . .

Sara Mincy said...

OK- I gotta get to Target.

So typical of a girl right? The love of shoes and a good deal.