Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Another 60 degree day here in Massachusetts. Life is good! We played outside and had steak tips on the grill for dinner!

Compare this to the picture that I posted yesterday...NO SNOW!!!! Like how we never raked the backyard this fall and the kiddie pool is still out?

If you know Sam, you will recognize this as a classic Sam look. I think he was trying to talk me into climbing a very tall tree...Can you hear him? "Come on mom..."
Corona and steak....summer..."She likes it, she likes it!" That's my girl! **
**Please do not be alarmed... No (hardly any) beer was consumed by this very small 21 year old.


Beth Young said...

at least it was "Light". Geez mom.


mindi said...

Love the photos - so cute. Gotta love that warm weather!!

Bethany said...

Oh Sarah I love the photos where you are looking down on both kids. So cute and the one of Sam with the little sideways grin....adorable.

Tabitha & Larry said...

Nice pics Sarah. The colors are fun, and Sam's grin is so him. We miss you guys!