Sunday, January 20, 2008

National Sanctity of Life Day

For several weeks, each time I sit down in front of my computer a little voice in my heart tells me to write about abortion. I have not listened. After all, this isn't that kind of blog. It's not serious, or deep. Honestly, it's not really about much of anything. Not to mention, that for the most part, it's read by my good friends and family, people who feel the same way that I do about abortion.

Today in church our pastor talked about Joshua. A man who inspired faith, a man who didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what he should be doing, but acted instead. A man who had courage, not because he had a great army or arsenal of weapons, but because he knew he was carrying out God's work and had God on his side. We were encouraged to stop waiting for others to take the lead in areas that God has given us a burden for. As I sat and listened, I heard that little voice again. It said, "You need to write about abortion."

A few minutes ago I was eating lunch and looking at new posts on my reader....Quite by accident I stumbled across the story of Trisha and Nathan Lawrenson and discovered that today is "National Sanctity of Life Day".

Sometimes God's voice is so clear. I'm still reluctant to write about this issue and am praying that God will give me the words and wisdom to do it in a way that reflects his love and grace. In the mean time, please take the time to go over to Nathan's fathers blog and read what he wrote about the sanctity of life. I promise you will be both challenged and blessed.