Sunday, January 13, 2008

A good reminder...

I complain a lot about the weather in my little corner of the world and dream of moving someplace warm and a lot less expensive (where a half million dollars buys you your dream home and not an 1800 square foot cape). However today, chilly as it was, was a day that I was struck by the beauty of this place and remembered that yes, I really do love it here. I don't think any other place could feel so much like home.

In the summer, this harbor is dotted with sailboats. When Brad and I first met, he took me fishing for Stripers here. He and a friend shared a little boat with a little engine that was perfect for trolling around the harbor. Dressed in jeans and sweat shirts, we drank beer and ate sandwiches as the fish literally jumping out of the water around us. The night was clear and the sky filled with millions of stars. I caught nothing on my own, but he let me real a bunch in. The future was unknown and it was a wonderful night.

We got married in this town and had our pictures taken with this harbor as a back drop. My friends tell me that it was freezing cold (and from the pictures, I'd say it was), but I hardly noticed.

Now we are lucky enough to have this place to bring our kids to play. Even in the cold, they loved playing at the park. I think Sam summed it up best, "It sure is beautiful, huh?"

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