Saturday, December 29, 2007

She screams....

Gracie turned 14 months on Christmas day. As this blog is also her baby book I am taking the time to document her sweet behavior at this darling stage. She screams. All morning. All afternoon. All evening. She then sleeps for twelve hours and wakes up and does it again. I don't remember Sam doing this, but perhaps it's part of my DMT....

The scream is so shrill that it makes your ears ring and you can hear it in your head long after she is quietly sleeping. She's not sick and I am certain that she is not in any pain. It's not that kind of scream. It's a bossy, bitchy and very calculated "I want what I want!" kind of scream.

She screams when Sam comes near her and when he walks away. She screams when she wants to play with something that Sam is playing with and in the rare instance that he gives it to her, she screams some more when he starts playing with something else . She screams when she wants something to eat and then when she is done. She screams. All. Day. Long.

It's so bad that I have pretty much decided that I am done having babies. I'm ready to call the urologist. I'm ready to stick her in daycare and return to the glamorous and very high paying profession of social work....I'm ready to bag groceries at Trader Joe's....I'm ready to run away.

Any suggestions? Please don't tell me to try baby sign language....the girl's not playing, she basically gives me the finger.

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Beth Young said...

aww! I'm sure you've tried this, but when she screams get down to her level and very close to her face and say "no, Grace, NO screaming"?

Or maybe if that doesn't work, trying flicking? Not like in the face or anything weird -- the top of the hand? And not to hurt her, but to kind of shock her? I don't know..