Thursday, December 20, 2007

Creepy or Cute?

Here is my latest attempt at being crafty and first ever attempt to sew. I made these for Sam and Grace's stockings. Thought they would be cute peeking out the tops. I've been admiring similar ones on Etsy but didn't want to pay $25 each for them. I bought about $4 worth the fabric and viola!

I put button eyes on first, but they looked scary, like alien ghost dolls. I attempted stitching (embroidering?) them on. Still not quite how I pictured...what do you think?
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Michelle said...

That's a pretty brave attempt for your first time sewing. I'm still sticking to square things at present.

I think they look good! Great job!

Bethany said...

CUTE!!!! You r quite impressive seeing things and just going for it. that is great

Beth Young said...

I would say "cute" as well!

Sara Mincy said...

very cute, and they will keep them forever (or you will anyway, and then pass them on to your grandkids !)

Kit said...

Thumbs up, Sarah, it would take me days to create these and they would NOT look nearly as cute!