Monday, December 3, 2007

Michael W Smith Christmas Album

A few weeks ago, Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer wrote about an opportunity to receive the new Michael W. Smith Christmas CD for FREE. Nothing against MWS, but this is probably not a CD that I ever would have gone out and purchased. I've never been a fan and if I'm honest, the only song of his that I can even name is "Go West Young Man" (and I hate it). However, being a lover of all things free and excited to discover that my blog receives enough unique hits each month to qualify, I signed up.

It came today and I played it while I cleaned my house. I was pleasantly surprised. It is indeed MWS, just as I remember him, but it's also festive and joyful and the lyrics are beautiful. No songs about sleigh bells ringing or walking in winter wonderlands (or going west:), but songs of hope and joy about the birth of The Messiah. It's beautiful, I'd like it even if I had paid for it.

If you want to hear a few of the songs, click on the little MWS thingy that is adorning the left side of my blog that I promised to put it there in exchange for the CD....

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