Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gracie and I

I'm sure that we're no different than most families...I'm always the one behind the camera and as a result, there are very few pictures or videos of me with my children. Yesterday at our annual M&M Christmas Party, I joked that if something happened to me, other than prenatal portraits and the pictures from when she was born, Grace would have no pictures to remember me by. My friend Sharon grabbed my camera and took some great shots of the two of us.

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Beth Young said...


Bethany said...

That is a sweet shot. You look beautiful. I know how you feel I was glad when my mom got some of me. I was watching No Reservations this weekend and started really feeling sad when the little girl lost her mom and was looking at video and pics of her with her mom and I thought how sad I don't have a whole lot of that either hope I don't die soon. HA HA. I am so glad you got some. We mommies need to do regular photo swaps

mom said...

Beautiful Sarah and "Lacey" Grace-This one should go on the piano-mom