Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas out Martha (kidding, totally kidding.)

My bloggin' buddy Beth told us about Boo Mama's Christmas Tour of Homes last week. It was great motivation for me to finally take the autumn wreath off of my front door and get the scarecrow out of my front yard! I wish that I had wonderful pictures of white lights hanging from the roof of our house...Last March when we finally got around to taking them down, I tried to convince Brad that we should just leave them up...what's another nine months when they've already been up for four?

So, come on in. Please take your shoes off. I usually don't care, but there is a foot of ice and snow outside and we did a lousy job shoveling....I hate stepping in puddles on the kitchen floor...wet socks are one of my least favorite things.

These pictures are completely random in terms of order...I've been blogging for almost a year and I cannot figure out how to move them around and it hurts my brain too much to try to load them so that they turn out the way I want.

Here, in my dining room, we have our Jesse Tree. I saw branches just like this for $29.95 EACH at Pottery Barn, in a vase much like this that cost $70....I loved the idea so I went home and chopped down my Rose of Sharon tree (bush?) and painted it with snow paint. The vase and pine cones came from the craft store, they were $6.00, total!

The majority of our decorations are in the living room. My Buyers Choice Carolers are on the mantle, along with out mismatched stockings and Sam's Christmas train.

After we read our story and hang an ornament on our Jesse Tree, Sam counts down the days to Christmas on our Annalee Santa.
Two of our mismatched stockings, mine and Gracie's.

With this Yankee candle, you can't even tell that the tree's not real! I swear nobody knows till they get really close!
Our Christmas Village, complete (as in all we have) with fire station, gas station, police car, tow truck, three cars, a fireman and two police men, one with a head and one without....can you tell that there is a little boy living at our house?
Our Nativity Set. It's usually displayed on a low table in the family room. However, Sam wouldn't leave it alone and I was afraid that he would lose something or break the shepherds crook or Joseph's it is in a much less attractive, but higher spot this year.
That's pretty much it this year. I do have a wreath on the front door, but it's 22 degrees outside and I'm not opening the front door to take a picture or going outside to take one from the front yard. Merry Christmas!


Susan said...

Beautiful home and decorations! And I don't blame you for not going outside to take a picture of the wreath! ;)

Melissa said...

How beautiful! The photo of your entire room is breathtaking. You've done a marvelous job...and I'm totally jealous of your mantel!

KC said...

beautiful decorations and home. Thanks for letting us tour it with you today.
Merry Christmas

Ribbon Rock Star said...

You have a beautiful home.
Have a very Merry Christmas!


Pedaling said...

oh, i love your village - i don't have a town like that but i love looking at them. Very beautiful and inviting home. Try to stay WARM!

Beth Young said...

I love it! I came home tonight and clicked on my blogroll to see that you had done your tour -- yippee! Everything looks so nice! It feels very cozy and warm. I love your living room, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Loved it all :-) Thanks for having us all over, this has been so much fun. Have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas.
Jamie Lea

Jessica said...

I love that Yankee Candle! It puts me in the holiday mood!

Christina said...

How WONDERFUL!!! I love your fireplace!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Michelle said...

I like your Jesse Tree. I am going to research it for next year.

Zoanna said...

Love these pictures! Your living room is so warm and cozy looking. I could just climb into one of those big leather chairs by the fire! A headless policeman...yup, sounds like a boy lives there. Bet he doesn't care, huh? It's the girls who cry about it. "Daddy, Daddy, pleeeeeeeeeeeeassssse put his head back on!" And Daddy does, even tho' he's thinking, "Why? He can't feel it." :)

Bethany said...

Oh it is so pretty Sarah. Love your carolers so sweet. You need a kid nativity so that Sam can do wwf with the wise men just like Jude does. HEE HEE. I do like your Nativity.