Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too good not to write down.

Yesterday I was talking to my sister Michelle about how bad we have both been about keeping baby books. Her system during Caeden's first year was to jot things down on her own calendar, save the calendar and eventually transfer all of her entries into a notebook. Caeden is now 2.5 and there is nothing that resembles a baby book...just a notebook with some random facts. I'm no better. I actually bought a baby calendar for Grace and keep it out on the counter, but I rarely write anything in it. If you were to look at it now, I bet it's open to July....

I was encouraging her to blog. There's something about writing it and being able to see it in a "finished" form instantly. (Unlike a scrap book page....scrap book pages take me about a year to finish...)

I hung up with her and remembered this little gem. It was a few weeks ago and I'm sure that when Sam is ten, he will wish that I hadn't jotted it down for posterity, but I must. I simply must.

"Mommy, wanna play a guessing game?"


"Okay, what's big and strong and long?"

" alligator?"

"Nope, guess again."

"A telephone pole?"

"Nope, want me to tell you? It's my penis!"

Yup, my three year old used the word strong to describe his penis and I came close to wetting my pants.


Beth Young said...

that reminds me of my son. When he has to pee (sometimes) he would say:

"Mom, my penis is really strong right now! he would laugh, too."

So funny!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

That is hilarious!!! They start early, don't they!

I *try* to keep the baby books up, but it's hard. Blogging is easier.

Zoanna said...

I had a feeling that was the answer.

My five year old a few weeks ago said, "I hate my wee-wee! It's so long I trip over it!"

Yeh, right.