Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quite possibly the worst night ever...

I went to bed at about 11 o'clock last night. As usual, Brad fell asleep in about 30 seconds....takes me a little longer, like 30 seconds x's one million....

It was the first night that we didn't turn on the AC....even in the cold weather, we turn the fan on for a little white noise...last night was just too cold...No white noise means that my wonderful husbands breathing keeps me up even longer than usual. It also means that I hear every noise in the house. At about midnight, I was sure that someone was walking around downstairs...but I was to tired to check and I couldn't wake Brad up...I prayed that God would keep us safe and tried to fall asleep.

12:15 Grace woke up. Her cry indicated that she wasn't going back to sleep on her own, so I went and settled her down.

1:00 I'm still awake, Sam comes in. He's scared, he wants to sleep with me. I'm too tired to protest, so into the bed he comes...he starts snoring...I've got snores to the right and snores to the left....I can pick Sam up so I put him back in his bed. If I could pick Brad up, I would have stuck him on the couch.

2:15 I think I might have fallen asleep...Grace woke up again....cried for 10 minutes and fell back to sleep.

3:00 I'm asleep. Grace wakes up again. She's ticked. I get her and bring her to bed...nothing like a little nursing at three a.m.

4:00 I put Grace back in bed

4:15 Sam comes in and says he wants to go downstairs and watch tv. I say no and let him climb in bed with me. He starts snoring again. This time Brad wakes up and puts him back in his bed. Sam starts yelling, "I want to sleep with mommy!"

4:30 Sam waked Grace up. She screams from 4:30 till 5:30. I try to sleep with a pillow over my head. At 5:30 I get up and go into her room. I discover that Sam never went back to sleep. Grace will not settle down so I take her downstairs. She plays for an hour and then climbs up on the couch and falls asleep next to me.

10:00 I say to Sam, "wow buddy, that was a bad night." He replies, "Yeah, but it's over mommy."

Yes it is, it's over.


Bethany said...

Oh so rough. Gotta love those nights....and the next day. Argh. Hope you are sleeping now.

michelle said...

Ouch! Don't feel guilty for vegging out all day. You've got it coming.