Tuesday, October 30, 2007


On Friday morning, my phone rang. It was my friend Sharon. "Are you in a good mood?" she asked. "Why, Do you need someone to watch Andrew?" "No, but I have a pass to the ______ rummage sale if you want it!"

The ___________ rummage sale is even better than the ______ ______ Children's Academy sale. Why shouldn't it be? Ten times the number of rich kids equals ten times the fabulous donations....The sale is on Saturday, but if you have connections, you get a little blue card in the mail and can shop early. I've never had connections...till now....

So Sharon stops by my house to drop of the pass...She left Andrew in the car...I tried to stand in the door to block her view of the mess...she went back to her car and came back with Andrew..."Andrew wanted to say hi to Sam, is that okay?"

She proceeded into my house and asked, "What can I do?" I quickly replied, "NOTHING!" She grabbed a sponge and started cleaning my kitchen...washing dishes, scrubbing the counter, scrubbing the sink....I protested...but Grace was screaming and I knew Sharon wasn't going to stop...so I sat down and nursed Grace and watched Sharon clean. I tried to just be thankful that I have such a good friend. I tried not to feel embarrassed while she picked things up off the counter and cleaned the grime...she tried to make me feel better by talking about having to go home and do the same at her house (Lies and a big, big one!...she has a house keeper....her house is spotless).

Finally, my kitchen was spic and span and I thought she was done....but no....she approached my microwave..."NOOOOOOOO!" I screamed. Too late. The microwave door opened and the fact that we are NASTY, NASTY folks was revealed. Microwaves are like refrigerators...they have doors that close...company doesn't usually see them....therefore, they do not get cleaned at Casa Twinkle...that is, they didn't get cleaned until Friday when my friend Sharon cleaned my microwave.


Michelle said...

Aw. What a good friend. Just appreciate it! She obviously wanted to help. :)

And what the heck are these rummage sales with early entry passes?! I've never heard of anything like it. YOu'll have to take pics at it and/or show us what you got.

Qtpies7 said...

The real test is if she comes back, lol. I have some great friends! I have 7 kids, I do not have time to care about cleaning, much less actually get it done. And if I had time to clean, the microwave would not be the first on my list. We only clean that when either someone sets something on fire or we are having a meal at our house and there is a chance someone might want to heat something up, lol.