Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hayride and Pumpkin Picking

We had a fabulous time at Ingaldsby Farm today. The trees are all changing colors and the weather was beautiful, low 60's...one of those perfect fall days that makes me happy I live in New England.

On the way home Sam said, "Mommy, we didn't see the pencil!"
"What?" I replied.

"Farmer Pencil, we didn't see him."

"Sam, who is Farmer Pencil?"

"Mommy, member you said you were going to call him when I was being bad?"

Earlier in the day I had threatened to call and CANCEL the hayride if he didn't start obeying...CANCEL....PENCIL....think I should get his ears checked?


Bethany said...

Farmer Pencil....cute. Hey that isn't the farm we went to in College is it? I couldn't remember...but I do remember those incredible apple donuts. Man I want one of those

Sarah said...

Bethany...nope different farm. The one you are thinking of is where I took the apple picking pictures in September. I wonder if I could send you some cider donuts? If I wrapped them really good, I bet they'd stay fresh. Want me to try?

Carla said...

WOW! What a gorgeous little family!

michelle said...

Great pictures.
Sam's been full of funnies lately.