Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A night off, I mean out...

There's nothing like good friends. Last night, I had a much needed night out with two of my best "mommy" friends, Esther and Ann. I haven't known either of them for that long...we met at the hospital mommy group after our first children were born. Although we all live in the same town, we probably wouldn't have met if we hadn't had babies within a few weeks of each other. I met a lot of moms at that group...what's neat about Ann and Esther, is that I know that we'd be friends even if we didn't have kids. Know what I mean?

When you become a mom, you do a lot of things with/for your kids and you meet a lot of don't click with them all....There are moms that you make no effort to get to know....There are moms that you talk to, but don't spend time with outside of a group play date. Some become your friends, but you know that other than kids the same age, you don't have much in your kids grow, you'll probably spend less and less time with these women. Then there are the girlfriend gems, the Ann's and Esther's....friends who are in no way carbon copies of yourself but yet so like you....friends who share your laughs and your tears...friends that you can count on and feel like you have known forever....not just three years.

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