Friday, October 5, 2007

Could you sleep like this?

Sadly, I think I could.

This is the only way mommy gets a break these days. I just let them lay where they fall...he slept for an hour and forty minutes....then he wet his pants and woke up.

The conversation we had when he woke up went something like this.

"Mommy, why you left me on the floor?"

"Your just too heavy to carry (meaning, there was no chance in hell I was going to risk waking you up.).

"Oh. I all wet. Someone must have spilled water on me."

"Sam, who would have done that?"

"I dunno, but I didn't go pee pee. I just got all wet."

Okay, whatever you say buddy....I had to clean the rug and give him a bath, but that is so much easier than dealing with an overtired three year old!


Brian said...

I wish my son would fall asleep like that.

Bethany said...

fuuny.........i have so been there