Thursday, November 22, 2007

As predicted....

Gracie's walking!

Shortly after dinner Grace started walking. She got up and tool a few steps. We all went nuts!She got up again and walked around the room and then turned and came back. The best part is that she was holding the telephone up to her ear and "talking". She wouldn't walk without it....such a girl.

Other highlights from our Thanksgiving...stomach bug. Sam took a nap at 10:30 this morning....strange...but I didn't think much of it. He woke up crying that his stomach hurt. He ate a carrot. On the way to my in laws he threw that carrot up all over the back of the car.

I hate throw up....I hate it so much that I almost didn't have any children for fear of having to clean up throw up...but this wasn't bad! Looked just like carrot that had gone threw the food processor, and it didn't smell.

We talked about going home but decided to go and drop off the carrot casserole. Sam wanted to go so badly that he offered to "hide so no one gets sick". Nobody cared that he was sick so we stayed....Sam had some grape juice...and 30 seconds later threw it up all over grandmas's been a few hours and he seems okay....crossing my fingers, cause I can't deal with puke in the middle of the night!