Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas is coming....Lead free gift ideas!

Today was 34 degrees. The sky was grey and it looked like it could snow....As I drove to the grocery store with my kids this morning, random thoughts crossed my mind....where the heck did the last year go? Was it really 80 degrees six weeks ago? Holy cow, Christmas is six weeks away!

A few years ago, we stopped buying gifts for our siblings....if just felt too stressful. Nobody is rolling in extra cash, and quite frankly nobody really needs anything. We all have closets full of clothes and homes full of, as we get older, I've found that it's harder and harder to buy the right thing...every one's size and style has changed....

We do buy for the kids though. This year, I'm finding that to be a bit stressful too...okay, maybe not stressful, but certainly confusing and thought provoking. Every time you turn on the news there's a new toy on the recall list. Lead paint and other toxic chemicals seem to be on (in?) just about everything. If you walk down any toy aisle in Target you will see a minimum of three recall notices....what's a mom to do?

This year, I will either be making or buying handmade and lead free gifts. The little girls in my life are getting custom made tutu's. Although they are a bit labor intensive, they are inexpensive to make and they look adorable on...I can't wait to get pictures of all my nieces together in colorful tutu's!

I love Etsy. If you've never checked it out, you should. It's completely addictive....I for one, can spend hours browsing. Some of my favorites sellers for kids items are:

Joyce makes the most adorable Waldorf Dolls

Tiddlywinks the cutest dolls and animals...she's having a sale right now!

Grandpa's Woodshop sells beautiful handmade puzzles with a non toxic finish (what little boy wouldn't love this fire truck?). Nature's Enchantment sells wonderful Waldorf inspired toys. The miniature fairies and fairy houses are so sweet. I wish Grace was old enough to play with them! You must check out the Chenille Chef. She makes the yummiest looking play food. I want it all...but alas, Grace is just one years old and if I buy it for Sam....well Grace will never have anything but hand me down toys.

For the grownups on your list Dragonflies sells beautiful marble magnets, coasters and aprons. She is wonderful to work with and the quality of her products will not disappoint. Brag Bags is another great shop. She makes very reasonably priced photo jewelry. I had a bracelet made for my mom and for myself for Mother's Day. There isn't much listed right now, but check out the items that she's sold.

If you are not making a commitment to give hand made this year (the more I think about it, I know that I probably will have to buy some store bought gift...they will be lead free though!), I have one fail proof gift idea. Season three of The Office. If you don't have seasons one or two than those would be just as good! If you are not a fan, you will be! There's something Seinfeldish about can just pop in an episode and no matter how many times you've seen it, it's still hilarious.

For's what I'm hoping to find under the tree.....I really don't expect my husband (or want him to) to make me a gift!
For more great gift ideas, check out The Christmas Shopping Carnival at Don't Try This at Home.


Lori said...

Nice to see someone posting about some beautiful, handmade toys! We were part of a Waldorf co-op when our son was a preschooler and seeing the doll brought back fond memories :)

Michelle said...

ooo. I hope you get your Nikon. I have the D70 and LOVE it.

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Good ideas!