Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've got to get it together...

It's 8:28 a.m.

Brad left fifteen minutes ago to take Sam to school. Grace is still sleeping...I want to go check and make sure she is still breathing, but I know this is irrational and will just wake her up...I want her to sleep. I've taken a shower and am dressed in something other than yoga pants and a long sleeved T shirt. I'm getting ready to blow dry my hair and put a little make up on. Not bad for 8:28, right? I thought it was pretty good until the phone rang.

It was Brad. "There's no school today."

"What? Why? Is is Veteran's Day? NO, that's next week I think...is there no power?

"Nope, teacher workshop day."


"Yeah, so we went in and fed the guinea pigs and said hello to everyone."

"The teachers saw you....they know we were there?"

Now I'm the mom that sends her kid to school when there is none and forgets to bring lunch to Lunch Bunch....I've got to start writing things down on a calendar, it's obvious that my ability to keep it all straight in my head is GONE...


Beth Young said...

That's ok. I tried taking my kids to their pre-school on Good Friday...and they go to a "Christian" pre-school.

michelle said...

You've just realized this?

Erin said...

I would totally do that too!!!