Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday...

We get the Boston Globe on Sundays. Yesterday, there was a complimentary copy at the end of our soon as I picked it, I knew why they were giving them away. It weighed about five pounds and was four inches thick...full of fliers for all of the Black Friday sales.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love a bargain and am really good at finding them. I must admit, the adds got my blood rushing...Disney movies regularly priced $14-19 for $4. GPS systems for 70% off. Leather jackets 80% off. Toys for almost free. Coupons for 50% off any item... it's a bargain shoppers dream! I thought that I was done shopping for my kids, but at these prices, I can afford to buy them more!

Brad and I both drooled over the adds for flat screen TV's. While we were comparing prices, something see, I have ALWAYS said that I don't want a big TV in our living room. I don't want it to be the focal point of the room or of our lives. However, the adds were soooo enticing, the deals too good to pass up...a huge, flat screen, HDTV regularly $2000 for $ can you NOT buy it? Of course, they only have four per store and the stores open at 4 a.m....but what if you are one of the four lucky ones?

I started to feel a little sad. You see, although I don't want a big TV, if Brad really wanted to get one, I wouldn't tell him he couldn't. I'm sure he'd like one, in fact, I know it. The reason we haven't taken the plunge is that the TV we have is totally adequate. Someday, I'm sure it will die and we will likely replace it with something bigger and more hi-tech, but for now, it's fine. Furthermore, we don't have an extra $2000 or even $700 to spend on something that we don't need. I started wondering how many people would be waiting out in the cold this morning to get a "great deal". How many people will be spending money they don't have on things that they don't need?

I don't want the true meaning of Christmas to ever be lost on my kids. I never want them to think of Christmas in terms of all the things that they get. I want them to know first and foremost that it is Jesus birthday and yes, they get presents but the presents from us are nothing compared to the gift that was given that day, so long ago in Bethlehem.

I'll always love a bargain, but I draw the line at Black Friday. I will not participate. There is nothing that I or anyone I know needs so badly that I will brave the cold and the crowds to purchase. If I can't afford it at the regular price, wouldn't have thought to buy it at full price, or wouldn't want it if I had to pay full price, than we won't be seeing it under our tree or ever. Boston waisted that free copy on me.

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