Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jesse Tree

Although I grew up in a Christian home, using a "Jesse Tree" as a way to celebrate Advent is new to me. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a set of 28 ornaments that each depict a Bible story leading up to the birth of Christ. Each day, you tell the story and display the ornament. It's a wonderful way to share the true meaning of Christmas with your children while counting down the days to Christmas.

Although Advent has not started, I wanted the last ornament on our tree to go up on Christmas day, so we started yesterday. Sam loves it. This morning while eating breakfast he asked, "Mommy can you tell me about God and then we'll hang an ornament on the tree?"

The story was about Adam and Eve and the ornament depicts an apple with a serpent. Sam had lots of questions;

"Mommy, why they disobey God?"

"Did they get a spanking?"

"Why the snake talked to them?"

"Was God really mad when they were bad?"

I answered the best I could but was a little unprepared for the next set of questions.

"Mommy, where did they live?" to which I replied, "The Garden of Eden."

"Mommy, where do the Wiggles live?" and just like that, it was over and we were on to something else.

Stay knock off Pottery Barn, made by me, Jesse Tree is just waiting to be photographed...I am becoming very crafty!


Beth Young said...

can't wait, I love knock off's.

Bethany said...

I have a bunch of Friends that do this. I am getting a copy of the stuff that was in a God's World Magazine. Heather my sister and I were talking at what a killing someone would make on Etsy coming up with attractive not paper Jesse tree ornaments....maybe we should all join together. HEE HEE. Can't wait to see your tree. Did you make all the ornaments? We have a little Rosemary tree I am thinking of doing ours on.

Sarah said...

I bought the ornaments from the site I linked. They sell a kit with the patterns to cross stitch your own....but I wanted to start it this year with my kids and not when they're 10.