Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mod Podge Anyone?

A few weeks ago the Steering Team for my MOPS group got together for a planning meeting. I discovered that as the Hospitality Coordinator, part of my job was to create center pieces for each table that reflect the theme for the year. This years theme? "The Home Factor". If you know me, you know that I am not super crafty...probably lack of desire more than anything else...but anyway, where to begin? Popsicle stick houses were my first idea....

I had the brilliant idea of mod podging unfinished bird houses. I know, you are doubting my denial of craftiness, aren't you? How do I know about mod podge you ask? Ten years ago when I worked for DSS, our cheap state funded staff day included mod podging wooden's the only thing I know how to do, I swear.

Now, in case you are having the urge to mod podge something, I am going to share all of my knowledge and mod podging secrets...if you follow them closely, your project will be fabulous!

1. Do not think that you can mod podge eight birdhouses by yourself.

2. Do invite over a bunch of girl friends, provide snacks and wine and have a mod podge party.

3. When mod podging bird houses, pick box shaped ones. These can be done in less than an hour. Bird houses with picket fences, chimneys and dormers take about three hours.

4. Do not wear your favorite pants. You will get mod podge all over yourself and even though it looks like Elmer's glue, it does not wash off of fabric. It gets hard and nail polish.

5. Do not leave your dining room table uncovered at your mod podge party. Even if your friends say, "It wipes right off!", cover the table. It does not wipe right off when it's dry. It will look like dried up nail polish...all over your dining room table.

6. Do not buy expensive scrap booking paper...the thinner the paper the better. Heavy papers, vellum and papers with glitter do not like to be mod will get very frustrated and drink more wine than you had planned. Use toilette paper, use newspaper...whatever you do, I repeat do not buy expensive designer paper!

7. Do not get a manicure before mod podging, the stuff does a number on your hands....think gunky bugary stuff all over your hands and under your nails...this is just a public service announcement...I haven't had a manicure since I was pregnant with Sam...

8. While mod podging, be sure to say "mod podge" a's a fun word...say it, "Mod Podge"! Fun, huh?

Eventhough I will never do it again, I think they're pretty cute!

In case you want to try it...this is what the stuff looks like.

Three hours...three hours!


Michelle said...

Wow! Very cute!!

Zoanna said...

Great job on the birdhouses and even better job describing the joys and pains of Mod Podge. I agree with everything you said about it! Did you mention that, after buying it, put it in its own triple bag inside a locked metal firebox inside an appliance box in your trunk? i bought it once and the gal tossed it in with the other supplies. Well, Mod Podge doesn't like my driving....

Faith said...

Oh WOW your houses are beautiful!