Wednesday, September 26, 2007

100 posts!

My good friend Bethany lives in California. We rarely get to talk on the phone or even e-mail. In fact, I haven't seen her since she photographed our wedding almost five years ago. Despite this, I feel really close to her. I've never met her children, but I feel like I know them. I'm certain that if I am ever brave enough to get on a plane and go to LA with my two monkeys, they will have a great time together. All this, because she blogs.

Her blog has made it possible to laugh and cry with her. It's been a source of encouragement for me and also a way to encourage and know how to pray for her and her family. Ultimately, after reading her blog for about a year, her blog inspired me to start my own.

Blogging is a great way to keep in touch. My family in CT, NY and Georgia are all able to see what we've been up to. Most of them haven't figured out how to leave comments, but I get e-mails all of the time saying how much it is enjoyed. Even if no one else in the world read it, it's a great way for me to record my memories. I have two baby books in like new condition...and although I don't put every little thing on my blog, it's the best record I've got of the past ten months.

Keeping in touch and writing down memories were the two main reasons that I started blogging. They were unexpected outcome is that I have made new friends. I use the word "friend" loosely, for I am not talking about people that I know or who know me. In fact, some of my new "friends" don't even know that I exist....none the less, I think of them as friends because I read their blogs regularly (and sometimes I think about them during the day and wonder how they are that odd?). Their blogs make me laugh and sometimes cry. The best thing though, is that I am always reminded that I am not alone in this mothering business. It's wonderful. It's hard. It's frustrating. It's exhausting. It can be lonely. Blogging is therapeutic...

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Brian said...

Keep up the blogging, I enjoy it. It's nice to see how far you have come since high school.

Michelle said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I'm glad Bethany "introduced" us! :-)

Bethany said...

I am so glad you started you don't seem so far. Thanks for the sweet comments too. One of these days I will get out there with all my kiddos. I really want to.

Congrats on the 100 posts. Keep them coming. I love seeing your little peanuts.


Beth Young said...

I love reading your blog! It's really fun being blogging buddies, isn't it? You can be friends with people all around the world and not have to deal with their drama personally. You can just laugh at it! That's actually what I do with my own drama, I laugh. Anyway, keep up the blogging, I love it!