Sunday, September 16, 2007

Five minutes ago...

As we were saying our prayers and saying good night Sam asked,

"Mommy, where does God live, up in heaven?"

"Yeah buddy, he lives in heaven, but he's everywhere, always watching over you."

"Oh, but how does he get back to heaven?"

"Hmm, He flies?"

"Oh, can we fly up there sometime and see Him?"

"No, we can't see God, but you can talk to God anytime you want."

"But I want to see Him in heaven. When I gonna go there?"

"Well, someday when we die (I really didn't want to talk about death, but I could see he wasn't letting this go...) we'll go to heaven."

I shouldn't have worried, because death didn't phase him..."Are there toys there?"


"Are there trains?"


"And beds and a kitchen?"


"How 'bout juice boxes?"


"What kind? It don't matter, I like all kinds of juice boxes, a lot. Good night Mommy."

1 comment:

Zoanna said...

Aww, juice boxes. I hope they're there. I like 'em, too!