Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maine, the water's cold

My sister moved to southern Maine a few weeks ago. She's a little over and hour from me now and it's been great to have her so close. This weekend my aunts Jackie and Ellen were visiting her. We went up for the day and ended up spending the night. So fun.

You'll just have to believe me, but the water in ME is so cold that it hurts. I couldn't get more than my toe wet. These guys didn't seem to care.
See all these big kids? They're my cousins. Sam and Grace had so much fun playing with them.

Hermit crabs are fascinating....
My little loner...
Ted was born my sophomore year of college. He's a freshman in high school this year. I am old.
My aunt Jackie...looks more like a sister than an aunt I think.

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Bethany said...

Beautiful pics Sarah. I really love the one of Grace walking alone. You should blow that one up on canvas. Very pretty.

Miss you.