Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beautiful family Photos....

If only they would look at me....
Eye conract isn't necessary for a great photo. I mean, Brad looking down at Grace is actually sweet. Sam looking over at where the lesbian couple was getting married (gotta love MA) incredibly frustrating. We won't even talk about Grace. I'll just say she is my nemesis.
In this one, Brad is actually saying, "Look at the camera or I'm going to spank you." Sam doesn't care. He's making sure he doesn't have any stains on his shirt.
This is about the 20th one I took. I was no longer cool, calm and collected....I was yelling and threatening to leave the park and go home and take naps.
Lovely, isn't it?


Bethany said...

Smarties or other methods of sugar. Bribing and acting like a complete idiot. HA HA. My kids are the same way seriously they make me work the hardest. Your comment about the lesbian couple cracked me up. That stinks. Seth was asking me about a guy wearing makeup the other day. Funny.

You are doing a great job. Just keep at it.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Too funny!