Saturday, May 31, 2008

The sweetest words in the world....

"Mommy, I choose to go poop on the potty!"
I looked up the stairs and there he was. Sitting on the toilet.
Guess what he just did?
The tiniest poop you've ever seen.
So he kept trying.
and he did it.
"Mommy, can you wipe my butt?"
Truly the most exciting thing I have done in a while. I know it will get old, and that I probably need to get out more. But for now, I will wipe his butt with a silly grin on my face.
No More Size 5 Diapers!


Bethany said...

WHOOOO HOOOO SAM!!!!! WAY TO GO BUDDY. Now you can sing poop in the potty poop goes in the potty and really mean it!!!

Kelsey S said...

WOOHOO! Thats great!


Les said...

Yay Sam! And Graces chubby legs are sooooo cute.

Sara Mincy said...

Yah! I can't wait for that day with Skye! Good boy!

Love those chubby little girl legs :)

mommastantrum said...

WOO HOO! Its a party for everyone! Ice cream all around! (And the butt wiping isn't all that bad when it isn't in a diaper!)

mindi said...

Way to go Sam!!
But I have to say, that cute little baby bum just makes the photos :D

Monica said...

These pictures are priceless. What a big boy to make such a wise choice:)

Janel said...

Way to go, Sam!
OMGosh, those are some of the cutest pictures. Absolutely priceless!

That bottom, that belly those legs on Grace - cute!