Friday, May 16, 2008

"The real reason why you are fat"

I get emails from Dr. SPAM several times a day. They all have subject lines like the one above, "I know why you're so fat", "I can make you skinny", etc.... Usually, I just delete them. Today, I read it because I was feeling particularly frumpy and would like someone to tell me that there is a reason other than lack of discipline that I cannot get rid of the last 5 Grace pounds. What I read disturbed me. Is there any chance that there is a bit of truth to Dr. SPAM's pitch?

Hello Subscriber (I'm not one),

It's me Dr. Suzanne G. here , and I wanted to let you know a very scary fact that every single person MUST be aware of if they every want to lose their fat:
Did you know the average person has 6-10 undigested meals resting in their colon?

Also, Every Single Person Has Disgusting Plaque and Horrible Little 'CRITTERS' Living in Their Colon!

I'm Going to Show You How to Get Rid of All of It so You Can Shed 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs even 100 lbs or more - and Keep It Off FOREVER!!

Press here and I will show you how:
(The link was here)

Thank you, and allow me to help you lose weight as quickly as possible!
Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst


Michelle said...

Oh, I see. So we're not actually fat, we just have to poo. I get it now. (jeesh)

Sara Mincy said...

Hilarious- and gross !:)

Monica said...

My sister lived with a girl once who did one of these "things". I guess that it was the most disgusting experience ever for everyone within a one block radius.

Five pounds or not, some things just aren't worth knowing about. Gross is right.

Kelsey S said...

Thats too funy and ick!


mindi said...

THAT is disgusting!!!

mommastantrum said...

WOW...I guess we really are just full of "it"! I think I will keep it that way rather than use that product and clog up the sewer system.

Anonymous said...

Delicious, thanks for that!

Janel said...

Omigosh. That is just disgusting! I have heard this before.

Wow - fun stuff you receive, huh?