Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Potty Training....part 8

Last night Sam informed us that he wanted to go to bed without a diaper, "Like a big boy." I was reluctant. Quite frankly, I love to sleep. Having to get up in the middle of the night and change a little boy and his bed are way down at the bottom of the list of things that I look forward to doing in the middle of the night (there's not actually a list of things I like to do).

I hid my reluctance and encouraged and praised the heck out of him. I also used a little reverse psychology, "What's next, are you going to want to poop on the potty? ''Cause there's no way I'm letting you do that. I want you to poop in a diaper forever!" To which my contrary little guy replied, "No, I will poop on the potty. I'm not pooping in a diaper anymore!" We'll see.

So how'd it go? Drum role guy woke up dry! He was so proud of himself and confidently proclaimed, "It must be because I'm almost four!" To which I replied, "Must be!Just don't even think about pooping on the potty."

I know. I'm evil. I'm desperate. I've run out of conventional ways to get him to try. I'm sick of changing the diaper of a boy who weighs over 40 pounds.


Les said...

Must be something with the first born boy who is way too smart not to go in the potty... but just digs his heels in! Luke is the same way.

Monica said...

Wow, seems like he's taking control here- this could be a good thing. We had an awful time with potty training our boy. Girls are so much easier:)

mommastantrum said...

I hope this works. I pray that this works for you. I also hope that he does not start clogging the toilet with toilet paper because he can "wipe all by himself" That is so much more fun than getting up in the night to change sheets!!

Oh, and he still is pooping his underpants. We just take stuff away now. It seems to be working.

I think.

Sara Mincy said...

Yah for the dry night! I feel your pain about potty training an ornery boy!! My boys were both well over 3 and I think I tore most of my hair out- Here's to hoping the girl will be EASIER!!!!!

Michelle said...

I bet it works! At least I hope it does!

Bethany said...


Hey do you have the poop goes in the potty song??? If not I am sending it to ya.

Cathy Burke said...

Yay! I still say a little prayer each night: "stay dry and sleep past 6". For a while I used to sneak in after he fell asleep and sneak a pull up on-it was always dry in the am but I needed peace of mind to get to sleep. I think I used up my supply and forgot to get more and then he just didn't need them. Of course now when my boys pee EVERYWHERE around the potty I miss the diapers.