Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Words

Last week I mopped the kitchen floor.

While I was mopping, Sam (who will be 4 in about two months) came in and said, "Mommy, WHAT are you doing?".

I instantly realized that Sam has never seen me mop. Spot clean? Yes. Use a wet Swiffer? Yes. But use an old fashioned rag mop? Obviously not.

Pointing at the mop, I asked "Sam, do you know what this thing is called?".

His eyes opened wide as he vigorously shook his head no.

With a little bit of "I'm a bad housekeeper" guilt, I informed him that it's called a MOP.

He thought it was very cool and wanted to try it out.

Next week, I'm thinking about teaching him another new word. I'm going to show him the iron. In the event that he someday has to wear a pressed shirt to work, I'm sure his future wife will thank me.


ebruggles said...

that is so funny
I scrub my kitchen floor about twice a year . I told my brother (who has 3 kids) would you believe how much dirt the swiffer leaves behind, he said don't tell his wife
:) we all use swiffers and hope for the best, Abby knows Iron and has a toy iron but I don't want her to touch the real one even when cold!

Monica said...

*Smile* We don't know the word iron at our house, either.

Sara Mincy said...

That is hilarious! My kids look at me funny if I take out the vacuum!

mommastantrum said...


Oh, wait, I mean Child Labor...it is beautiful thing. And I really rarely mop here either, it is always ends up with some popciscle stain on it 5 minutes later anyway.

Let me know how the ironing goes...I want him to learn but am afraid that he would iron everything. And really who wants an ironed bikini?

Les said...

Sara that is too funny. I had to laugh out loud :)