Monday, April 7, 2008

Better with age

My friend Jenn sent this to me yesterday to remind me of "how far we have come".

That's me with the "Shane" jean purse (it's to bad you can't see all the patches on the other side) and acid washed jean jacket (There was a rock and roll patch on the inside of it, I remember thinking it was very cool, even though I didn't listen to a whole lot of rock.)
How about those white Reebok aerobic high tops? Jenn's look pink and if I'm not mistaken, her jeans are "pegged" to be higher than the tops of her sneakers. Speaking of jeans, how are those for retro? No back pockets? Where did we keep our green "mood" lipstick? Do you remember that stuff? Oh, and don't you love the big white sun glasses? I think I kind of look like Paris Hilton. Okay, maybe not so much. I have a feeling that they may have said "Coca Cola" or something equally ridiculous across the glass.

In case you are wondering where we were looking so svelte...We are in DC, at Washington for Jesus. We slept on The Mall, in the rain. Unfortunately, I can't blame the look on the weather or lack of a hair dryer. It's all 1986's fault

Jenn, Do you remember how we stalked DC Talk? I can't believe they weren't all over us.


Monica said...

That is hilarious!!

Me and my best friend stalked Micheal W. Smith in our fluorescent "Friends" sweatshirts- you know the ones that go down to your knees just in time to reach the top of the leg warmers.

I just don't know how he didn't notice us!!

ebruggles said...

thanks for the laugh, to be fair you'd laugh more if you saw a pic of me in 1986, elise r.

Bethany said...

That is soooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!

mommastantrum said...

What were we thinking back then? I mean we all looked so RIDICULOUSLY WEIRD. (I had the poodle like spiral perm with the 25 foot high mall bangs.)

Happy Birthday...and here is to better fashion choices with the wisdom of age!!

Janel said...

I had those hi-tops and LOVED them so much.

Thanks for sharing!

BTW, I think you look really cute!

jennpent said...

lol, ok, i cant stop laughing. i had no idea you were going to post that! lol don't forget i have many many pictures of you with 'crimped' hair and pink frost lipstick! :) hee hee
that picture has so many things going on. we are such fashionistas!
i love you my friend. hope you have a good week.