Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Strep throat, massive sinus infection and pink eye"

That's what the doctor told me on Friday when I finally broke down and went in.

I thank God every day for the good health that my family has been blessed with...other than a few runny noses, we've manged to avoid all of the nasty bugs that have gone around this winter. While friends were cleaning puke (and worse) out of their toddlers beds, we stayed healthy. While friends took their children to the doctor for the 5th ear infection of winter, we stayed healthy. Several of Sams' buddies had pneumonia...we stayed healthy...until last Sunday night, when I came down with what I have been calling the plague.

I spent Sunday afternoon cooking with two of my best friends. We get together every month or so and make huge amounts of food together to freeze so that we have delicious meals in the freezer (It's lots of fun...and probably worth writing a whole blog about). After they left, I noticed that my throat was sore...figured I was tired...Monday was lousy...Tuesday I called the doctor, only to find out that he was on vacation...after talking to the covering MD I decided to wait and see what happened...Wed, it morphed into a sore throat with a miserable headache and congestion...Thursday I couldn't get out of bed because my head hurt so badly...Friday, I called the doctor again, because I woke up with my left eye sealed shut and suspected pink eye...
Antibiotics are great, I'm starting to feel a little better...but I have an idea...doctors should have the ability to prescribe housekeeping services to sick mommies...Brad has taken wonderful care of our children, but my house looks like a filthy pit. Dishes have stacked up, laundry had backed up and the entire place looks like I've been sick for a month instead of a few days. I think I'm gonna go back to bed.


Bethany said...

oh hope you feel better soon. My house is a mess from all our sickness so I am right there with you.

Wasn't it your birthday??? What a way to spend it. HOpe you are feeling better soon.

Sarah said...

Bethany...thanks for the b-day wishes. I'm better now...I actually started that post over a week ago, but haven't been able to finish it...glad you guys are back in good health. Stomach bugs are the worst!

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Brenda said...

What did you do for the pink eye

Brenda said...

What did you do for the pink eye