Saturday, April 7, 2007

"Happy Birthday Mommy"

Yesterday was my birthday...I'm 33. Sooooo hard to believe! When someone asks my age, my initial thought is 27! Anyway....Surprisingly, being a year older really didn' phase me this year, instead, I found myself reflecting on how much my life has changed in the last 10 years...I graduated from college, got my first apartment and first "grown up" job, second job, third job...finished my Masters, got married, got another job, bought a lovely condo on the ocean, had a baby (and moved out of lovely condo on the ocean) stopped going to work (early professional retirement), had another baby (sold our house and bought another, bigger house)...Smaller, not as significant, but noteworthy changes have also taken place, such as I no longer get to go to the bathroom alone...I wear sweatpants and a dirty shirt to the mall...I don't wear makeup to the mall...sleeping in means staying in bed till 7:30... Girls night out no longer includes dancing and drinking in Boston...more likely a Creative Memories scrap booking party with a baby nursing while I try to crop pictures! (I have babies that LOVE to nurse and do it for REALLY long-I thought I might have to go to Sam's prom for a feeding...).

As I contemplated the changes, I couldn't help but wonder if the next 10 years will be as eventful. At first I thought not, but then it occurred to me that a lot changed in the 10 years between 13 and 23 too...33 to 43 is bound to be just as eventful (if all that happens in the next 10 years is that I turn 40, it will be enough)! Life is constantly changing, and I think that in the daily grind of being a mom and being a wife, it's really easy to forget this.

On a daily basis I know that my life is full and I am so blessed. I thank God for my children and wonderful husband, but I also have moments, (usually in the times that I described above..toddler in the bathroom, sweat pants, no shower for 2 days..) when I think, "Holy cow, I can't believe that this is my life (and I can't believe that the dirty girl with milk stains on her shirt in the mirror is me)", and I'm not particularly happy about feels tedious, it's exhausting, the same things happen every day...until they don't anymore. Someday, Sam won't come in at 6:30 singing "Happy Birthday Mommy" over and over...and I think I'll miss it.

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Sherrell Photography said...

That's right, we will miss it, but I sympathize with you :)