Friday, March 2, 2007

Snow, sleet, rain and flowers!

I really shouldn't complain about the weather we've had lately. At most it's just a little inconvenient and means we can't play outside. Not life threatening or property destroying like the tornadoes in LA yesterday. Yesterday was a little warmer (in the 40's....) so we took advantage and got outside to play. Half of our yard is a sheet of ice, the other half a giant puddle. Guess which half Sam chose to play in?

Some confused crocuses? Not sure...this will be our first spring in this house. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's planted in the yard.

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Bethany said...

He is so cute. He would get along great with my boys. HEE HEE.

I loved seeing what popped up in our yard the first year. Funny thing was I had even more pop up the year I finally worked on the yard and put horse poo all over it to amend the soil. Suddenly all these bulbs of different flowers appeared that did not the first year. HEE HEE.

So fun. Glad you are finally getting some green there. You should plant some paper whites next year. They come up early and like the cooler weather.