Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I love daylight savings!

It's not been perfect...we're all a little tired...but having sunlight till after 6:00 makes me feel ten years younger (16, Ha, ha, ha!). It's been a great week, today was about 70 degrees and we spent most of the day outside. Sam is in heaven...he begged to go out this morning at 6:45.....I was able to hold him off till about 7:30.

These pics are from a few days ago. I went for my first outside run with both kids. I've been running on the treadmill regularly, thought I was getting back in shape...but HOLY COW, was it hard. I figure that both kids together weigh about 60 pounds...even with my Cadillac jogger, it was really hard (did I already say that?). For half the run, Sam yelled, "I want to go to the park"...for the other half, he told me I was going too fast (I hear 12 minute miles can cause whip lash...)...the right before we got home, he passed out. Guess what he said when he woke up? "I wanna go to the park!" I still hurt.

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