Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Taking MiraLAX for five days, sitting on the potty for an hour with the equivalent of Hershey's syrup dripping from your rear, and managing to not poop.

Next step.

Children's Hospital Potty School.



sara's art house said...

OK, you need prayer Girl!!!! I can feel how frustrated you must be. I am only on day 2 of potty training and getting ready to tear my hair out. I will pray about this. It is something we moms cannot control and that is a BAD thing for our emotions!!!!!!

Monica said...

Oh my!! I'm feeling sorry for both of you. I used to give one of my kids bran muffins and apple juice for every meal and put her in a warm tub with the potty chair beside it. She just couldn't hold it in. A couple days of that fixed her.

Kelsey S said...

Aww you poor thing! Good luck to you!


Bethany said...

I saw potty training listed on the outside sign at a school here....I thought to myself....that isn't such a bad idea. I think potty training is every parents least favorite season. IT sure was mine