Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Self Portrait

I went outside while Grace napped and atempted to take some pictures for my photography class. I was very cold and not very inspired by the dead plants and leafless trees that are my yard. Wonder if I'll get points for attempting to use the "Sunny 16 Rule" in those exact weather conditions? Good thing this is a class for fun and I don't have a degree riding on it.

As I headed back inside, I caught my reflection in the eggplant globe that hangs from my deck. Can you see me? Do you like the garbage cans and plastic wagon that I captured as well? I know, I am LAME. I am also screaming monkey is up after a mere 30 minutes of sleep. Another long day at Casa Twinkle...I see a glass of wine in my very near future.


Bethany said...


Anonymous said...

Awwww! Your little twinkling stars are so cute!!! I love the glass eggplant!

mindi said...

Cool reflection!
I know what you mean about *up already??*
Your photography class sounds like fun!!