Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Fashionista...

The booties that we won during Bloggy Giveaways and poncho that I bought to match came this week. They are absolutley adorable, these pictures do not do them justice! The fleece is soft and very plush and the sage green trim just puts the entire outfit over the top.

Grace wears 18 month clothes, but I ordered it in a 2T so that we can use it next winter. It's a touch big and she gets a little frustrated because her hands are buried underneath. Mama doesn't care though! It's plenty warm for the trip to and from the car and the sleeveless design means no more struggling with car seat straps. You should get one, you should all get one!

Can you see the matching fringe on the boots? The booties are a steal at $15. They have suede bottoms and stay on every bit as well as Robeez booties. I wouldn't use them for outside play, but now that Grace is walking, we don't wear our Robeez outside either.
Thank you, thank you E2Designs!


truth said...

Ah, so cute and I love the poncho idea-so simple to get on and off.

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

How cute!! You have such beautiful kids. I loved the pig tails in your last post. :)