Friday, April 13, 2007

Potty Training...part 1

This morning we (Sam) put ''big boy" Elmo underwear on when we got dressed. Without being too graphic, I changed a diaper last night that was way too "grown-up" and I just's time. He was really interested last summer, but I was way to pregnant and tired to take it on. I've kind of been feeling like I blew a chance...he says things like, "I like bein soakin wet"...but he has done AWESOME today. Two accidents, but we were playing outside and I forgot to remind him. He's so proud of himself! So cross your fingers and say a prayer...I'm hoping to be buying diapers for one by May!


Bethany said...

You need the poop in the potty poop goes in the potty song. I am right there with you. Jude is sooooo difficult. Hopefully soon.

Sarah said...

Bethany, who sings that song?