Monday, February 5, 2007

Winter is here

I really shouldn't be complaining....most of the winter has been pretty mild...the first weekend in January we had temperatures in the 70s....I had sprouts of green coming up in my garden....however, that feels like a hundred million years ago. It has been so cold here for the past few with wind chill it was like negative 10...not as cold as Duluth which I saw was negative 41....although I'm not sure that it really matters once you get to zero, b/c it's too cold to go outside.

Despite the cold, I ventured to the grocery store with both my kids. Even when it's nice out, I don't love taking both of them... The grocery store that I go too has great prices but doesn't have carts that hold two Sam sits in the shopping car seat and I carry Grace in the sling...normally not a big deal, but it was really hard in sub zero temperatures and 25 mph winds! We were all bundled, but even so Sam screamed "It's too cold mommy, it's too cold..." as I pushed him in the cart while holding on to Grace with my other arm and trying to run across the parking lot...once we were in the store, it was fine...although it is pretty hard to get out of a too tight (not back to my usual size yet) coat while holding a baby...It was actually pretty funny. I repeatedly asked Sam to hold onto my sleeve so I could try to wiggle out of it and he didn't understand, at all...he kept undoing the Velcro on the cuff and saying, "I help like this, mommy?"...

Anyways, we got out groceries and Sam finally believes that it is cold and has stopped asking to go out and play (every 5 minutes). Gotta go....see if I actually bought anything that I can make dinner with!


Bethany said...

Yuck!!! I feel bad for you all. I don't think I could do that anymore...especially with kids. Do you have online grocery delivery where you are?? I would look into that it is wonderful. I am sure it would be extra great for you with the cold. Wanna come visit me? ;) ;)

Sarah said...

We do have online would just require a bit of organization on my part (a list)....I would LOVE to visit! I met check tickets out just for fun.