Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Snowy Valentines Day!!!

We're having our first Nor' Easter of winter today...not like the ones we had when I was a kid...but there is some white stuff on the ground. Sam was up at 6:30 wanting to go out and play in it...Usually I stay in bed for a while after he gets up in the morning, but today I didn't dare. I really thought he might let himself out "to build a snowman like Caillou". I made him wait until I got some beef stew going in the crock pot....then we played outside for a little while...the snow is really dry so no snowmen...I tried to show Sam how to make snow angels, but he just rolled around on the ground...

We came in, had hot chocolate and colored for a while...I don't know what got into me, but I had the urge to draw on Sam's face...and he was game (shocker, huh?)....then I cut Sam's pictures included because it's that, Regis and Kelly will call today and tell us Sam is a finalist in the beautiful baby contest...can we be in NYC on Monday?...(my grandmother called me three times urging me to I did send a picture of Sam in....)

After the haircut, Sam needed a bath (he informed me that "the hair lady doesn't make it itchy"...while in the tub, for the first time ever....drum roll please....Sam pooped. I walked in and saw him making the face...asked if he had to go, he said "No, I'm just tooting...", next thing you know....yup, totally disgusting. I think Sam was more surprised and grossed out than I, the tub needed to be scrubbed along with all of the bath toys....

So yes, so far a very romantic Valentines Day...I'm still in my jammies...haven't showered since Monday night...but my tub is clean, the beef stew is almost ready and through it all, Grace has pretty much been asleep.


Sherrell Portrait Design said...

I can't believe you went outside today. We thought about it for a minute, because we have no caffinated coffee beans, and then decided decaf would have to work. Larry and I heard the splat of cold heavy wet snow. Not the fun kind! I am glad you liked my birthday weekend pics. My mom was like, who are those people? Because we had an impomptu last minute gathering and I put little thought into my day of email invite. We will have another more thought out party soon :) Congratultions to your husband on his new partnership!

Bethany said...

I won't tell you about our weather. ;)

Looks fun though. HEE HEE.

Hey Seth went through a phase where everytime I gave him a bath he pooped in there. I even changed times of day he still did it. The doctor says oh its probably the warm water. how do I make him stop. HEE HEE. But he did eventually.

Jude has been more creative with his pooo. He likes to play with it and wipe it all over walls and furniture etc. That was a lot of fun.