Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grace is four months...and two days today!

I had Grace ready to go for pictures on her birthday and she puked all over before I got a chance to take any...so today was our day. Brad took Sam to "Namas" for a while...usually I take advantage of time when he is gone and clean my house, but today Grace and I had a photo shoot....didn't last long...the diaper was off for about three minutes and we had a major accident. (Gotta love breast fed babies!) I think I got some great shots though...

Gotta love this physique! Went to the doctors today...she is 16 lbs 1 oz and 25 inches...yes...huge. When we walked into the office, the doctor asked me if she is "getting around at all". I looked at him, puzzled...(I've taken a lot of child development classes, but I had a brief moment of panic thinking, "should she be?"). As soon as he saw the look on my face he glanced at her chart and started laughing. He said he looked at her and totally forgot it was a four month check up...he thought he was looking at a 10 month old.
Other news ....she cut her top right tooth...she has handled it like a champ...further proof in my mind that women have a higher thresh hold for pain....Sam was miserable when he cut teeth.

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Bethany said...

Great job on the pics Sarah. She is adorable. I love all her rolls. Soooo cute.