Monday, June 9, 2008

Boston, Part Deux

When we left the aquarium, we decided to walk to Faneuil Hall for a treat. Although it was cold and drizzling a bit, we weren't ready to go home. The boys spotted a fountain at the end of State Street......
At first, they just looked and danced around the edges.
Every minute or so, the water would stop.

So we told them that they had to sing to make it spray.
They sung their hearts out.
And got very wet.
Grace watched from the comfort of her stroller.
Then she decided that she wanted to join the fun.

Grandma wasn't strong enough to hold on....
She watched.
She decided it was cool.
Then she got wet.
And wasn't so sure.
And the boys, well, they just kept singing.
Then grandma took then to Baby Gap at Faneuil Hall and bought everyone new clothes.
Mommy would have made them ride the train home wet.


Kelsey S said...

Aww these are just so sweet!


Saralyn said...

Aren't grammas the greatest? They so beat moms in the compassion category!

mindi said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Bethany said...

Those are the sweetest pics Sarah. Just love them. Little rain coats soooo cute. Love their smiling faces. I gotta get my family out there for a visit. Seth would just love it.

PS Seth is hilarious he is voting for the Celtics because that is where mommy use to live. Daddy is a die hard Lakers Fan so it has been quite funny. I think Seth might just do it to wind him up. HA HA

Janel said...

Oh, precious photos!