Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know....

On the way home from school today, Sam proclaimed, "Mommy, I'm gonna be a good boy from now on."

I told him that I think he is a very good boy and that I am very proud to be his mommy and then somehow, we were talking about where babies come from.

"Mommy, you're my only mommy."

"Yes Sam, and you are my only son."

"I was in your tummy first and then Gracie."

"Yes, that's right."

Momentary silence.

"Mommy, how'd I get in your tummy?"

"God put you there."

My memory of the exact words get a little fuzzy here. In the past, this has been enough of an answer but the tone of his voice made me suspect that the conversation wasn't over.

"Yeah but HOW?"

Usually, I love to be right. Not so much this time...

"Mommy and Daddy love each other very much and we asked God for a baby and he gave us you."

"Oh, but how did Daddy get me in your tummy?"

Are you kidding? Did my 3.5 year old really just ask how Daddy put him in my tummy? Yes, he did and I lied...just a little.

"Um, I don't know (because truly, I cannot explain the science of it all) God can do anything Sam. Mommy and Daddy asked for a baby and he just put you in my tummy."

"Oh, so you prayed really hard?"

"Yes, we prayed hard."

So my question is, what do you think? When and how have you handled talking to your children about sex? We're pretty open here. We use the real names of body parts and such and I always thought that when they asked, I would just tell them the truth. However, I never thought that they'd ask before they were even pooping on the potty.

Today he was satisfied with only part of the answer, but I have a feeling that soon, he'll be looking for more. I know he's not ready for the whole scoop (and either am I) but how much information should you give someone his age?


Sara Mincy said...

That is funny! I know exactly how you feel. I have said- I am going to be upfront and honest and not make a big deal out of it all -but when they ask you point blank....it gets a little tricky.

We have told our 6 year old that a Mommy and Daddy have to "come together" and love each other VERY much!!! Very funny- he took that answer for now...but it will be soon, and maybe I will get a book from the library and just nonchalantly show him the pics etc...

Bethany said...

Oh Sarah that is hilarious. My boys have asked but they have not pushed that far yet. We do use anatomical terms for everything. At times that has come back to haunt me like on the playground splash park with Jude.....however I think that you will know what is enough for each age and explaining in as much detail for that age will help as the conversation progresses. Show him a book that shows pictures of the baby in there. Seth was into that and it kept him from pushing farther. I think the more comfortable you are talking about it yet respecting it the more they will be comfortable in coming to you for the answers.

PS Seth asked me once if this little girl he liked was going to have boobs when she got bigger. I was shocked and said why yes I think she will. He respond...Oh good. To which I replied why do you ask? He says, "I just wanted to be sure she was going to be able to milk my babies." HEE HEE

mindi said...

We've run into this as well (well, I have) and I hem and haw and evade the topic. Hunter has been asking how he got OUT of my tummy. That's even worse. I'm going to have to get some kid friendly books for the next time he asks . . .

Janel said...

Wow, that is huge! At his age! My son is almost 4 and I just cannot imagine him asking that. Now my daughter was a different story and she asked at a very young age. I just asked her a very simple question that a mother of 4 taught me to ask when you don't know what to say and don't want to lie.
"How do you think they get there?"
I have used this with everything from babies to Santa. "do you think he is real?" etc. Good luck to you, Sarah!