Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today is Tuesday

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. My plans for the day included going for a run, going to the grocery store, going to AC Moore to buy supplies to make wreaths and pew bows for my sisters wedding and going to the mall to return my extra bridesmaid dress and sashes for my sisters wedding and to Pottery Barn to buy lanterns for the wedding that I saw on clearance last week. Ambitious, yes, but since all of the errands are in the same general location, I thought it was doable.

By the time Grace woke up from her nap and we got out the door I was mad at myself for the waisted morning. I had not gone for a run, and since it's now Wednesday, I probably am not going to be able to run off five pounds by next week (On Sunday evening it seemed possible to pull this off if I got out there and ran for fourteen consecutive days....). I hadn't even showered. I was dressed in sloppy pants and a grimy white t shirt with my "Life is Good" baseball hat on...no makeup, nothing...I cannot account for the morning, I just knew it was Wednesday, and the day was half gone.

I decided to hit the mall first...my new ride has many amenities, but a cooler for perishable groceries is not one of them (Don't you think that is a brilliant idea though? How good would life with a mini van be if you could ride around with your groceries for hours?). We arrive at the mall, I stick Grace in my EllaRoo mei hip carrier (this contraption is worthy of its own post...worth every penny...better than a sling at this stage...) and let Sam walk. We hit Ann Taylor. Months ago we bought dresses for my sisters wedding. They were something like $178 and another $28 for a sash. Last week, I saw that they were marked down to $78 and the sashes are $8...Like any good (insert my mothers maiden name) I re-bought it on sale, figuring it was worth a return trip to the mall to return the full priced dress (they wouldn't give me a price adjustment...I asked). I couldn't have been more wrong...the original dress was purchased on my mom's credit card and that was the only way they would refund it...on my mom's credit card, which is in my mom's wallet, in CT. So I'm standing at the counter and Grace is screaming like Daryl Hanna's character in Splash and Sam is running laps around the display tables singing Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs (He has been watching Wiggly Wiggly Christmas in the minivan for two days). Heartless Ann Taylor wenches wouldn't budge...

As we are leaving the store I got accosted by an Israeli woman selling body scrub with Dead Sea salts and mud in it...She literally grabbed my hands and gave me a hand scrub/massage while I told her that I didn't have time and wasn't interested....Grace continued to scream like a mermaid.

On the way out of the mall, Sam climbs onto those rip off rides and won't get off. I threaten to leave him and he looks at me and says, "No you won't mommy. You'd go to jail." What the....?

Although Pottery Barn is just down the hall from Ann Taylor, I forgot to go to.

Next I make an unscheduled stop at the package store (liquor store for those of you not from CT)....It was really busy and I thought, "Well I guess that is normal since it is the FRIDAY of Labor Day weekend." Grace is still screaming...I think about climbing into the third row of the minivan and sneaking a beer.

Next we hit the craft store....I am not crafty...I buy pre-maid bows and I'm not that into wreaths...yet I offered to make these things for my sisters wedding, which is like ten days away...We walked around the craft store for about 45 minutes. Grace is still squealing like a mermaid and Sam is telling her to knock it off. I left without buying anything because I was completely overwhelmed. Thankfully it is only Wednesday...I have plenty of time to make bows and a giant barn door wreath.

I call Brad from the parking lot and ask when his sister from Long Island is supposed to be arriving. "Not till tomorrow." Totally annoyed I say, "When did they change their plans?" He says, "Pretty sure they were always coming on Wednesday." In my best "you dumb ass" voice I reply, "It is Wednesday." Nope it's not, it's Tuesday. Yahoo! I still have plenty of time to run off five pounds!

I never went to the grocery store...


Brian said...

I think somebody needs a vacation!!!

Jackie said...

So glad you're able to keep a sense of humor @ life's crazy moments. Love the current pictures but can't wait to see you all at the wedding...in person! Keep up the good work Sar.