Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grace is ten months old...yesterday!

I can't believe it! Although she is still completely dependant on me for EVERYTHING, I kind of feel like I don't truly have a baby anymore. She's become more of a little person, her personality is more pronounced every day. She loves to laugh and to make people laugh. She doesn't have much for material....but she thinks it's hilarious to toss her head back and then give a toothy grin. We laugh when she does it and this only eggs her one...she will do it for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. She's a girl....when she's ticked, it's different than it was with Sam...she truly has a, how shall I say it, hmmmm...bitchy scream. She's turning into a pretty good sleeper, sleeping through the night probably 50% of the time (you have to take my word for it, in our house this qualifies as good sleeping). She has an appetite like mine, she will eat anything! This too is really different for me, because Sam was strictly a boob man till he was well over one years old (While I was pregnant, Sam still nursed. Brad used to tease me and ask, "S0 which one will the baby get?"). She's pulling up on everything and I know that walking is just around the corner...Yikes!

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