Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big night out! (Thanks Meg!)

Brad and I have not spent the night alone since Sam was about fifteen months old. It was our anniversary and we spent a weekend (or maybe it was just a night...amazing how my memory is gone!) in York, ME. It was wonderful...the weather was miserable (it was October...cold and rainy) but we were alone! We spent an afternoon at spa and had facials, massages and manicures (Brad really liked the paraffin wax treatment:) We didn't sleep that well, I had to get up during the night to pump...(yes, Sam was still nursing during the night at that point) and I think we woke up at 6:30 and just waited till the dining room opened for breakfast....but we were ALONE!

This past weekend, my wonderful friend Meaghan got married in CT. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. She did an incredible job and thought of everything....including transportation from a hotel in Hartford to the reception and back to the hotel. We could have spent the night at my parents house...but we didn't....we had a night of no responsibility and fun, ALONE. Grace had her first real time away from me. I was in the wedding and didn't see her from about 11 a.m till the next morning. My mom says it was fine...but I did get a call at one point asking if it was OK for my sister in law Laura to nurse her....my mom and Laura are saints...

So, congratulations Meaghan and Jeff. You are perfect for each other. Meaghan, you were a beautiful bride and your wedding was amazing, every last detail.... It makes me so happy to see you so happy, your smile was infectious. Jeff, you are the luckiest man alive (and Brad is pretty lucky!), I know you will take good care of my friend. I love you both, cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, you looked amazing in those pictures.