Friday, June 22, 2007

Potty Training ...part 4

We have had an entire week in underwear with no accidents...then this morning it was like it never happened...started with poop in the underwear followed by three wet accidents in less than a half hour. What's a mom to do? It's so hard not to get visibly frustrated when you know that they are capable...


Anonymous said...

lol! I know it isn't funny, but it is almost like they do it just to see if you REALLY REALLY want them to do this whole 'potty training' thing...kinda like 'you sure mom???'...:)
i love sam's haircut! he looks so big! the cheeks are going sad! lol i love the cheeks! :)
cannot wait to see you! and am going to try to get into this blog thing! do you do bethany's book club? I think i am going to try that..look at that its only 730 am and already i am motivated to do two things...if only one of them could be getting ready for work! ;)
hope you have a super day!
xoxo jennifer

Sarah said...

Yeah, Bethany isn't the only person who looks at this!!!