Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rainy Weekend...

I've never been a big fan of rainy days, but now that I have kids (particularly Sam...) I loathe them. A rainy day used to mean that you could sleep in without feeling it means that you are up at 6:30 and stuck inside for the next fifteen or so hours! It's been pouring for the last three days...supposed to see some sun tomorrow, and I can't wait!

We did manage to go out for a little while this morning and have some fun. It was "Touch a Truck" day in town. There was a steady drizzle for the entire event and at the end a soaking downpour...I don't think Sam noticed, he had so much fun.

The top right picture of of Sam in the back of a police car...he loved it, didn't want to get out...hmmm.


Bethany said...

Oh that looks like fun. Cute rain coat all the bright yellow in your photos

Sherrell Photography said...

We were there! Sorry we missed you. Go super blogger :) I am afraid to say we didn't even bring our camera along.